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Our experience and expertise of the oil & gas industry help us bring you the solutions to the environmental challenges you face.

LARCO’s focus on environmental concerns is reflected in its solutions for Terminals, among them: our internal floating cover & peripheral seals.

LARCO knows the vital importance of reliable and accurate security system. 
Our philosophy is to work closely with our customers to ensure that the correct products are manufactured and supplied.
Our motto: Increased safety & security. Our products to achieve this goal: LARCO's overfill detection system  our flame arresters & oil leakage detector.

One of the core businesses of LARCO is to offer Storage Tank Companies the best solutions to their automation and level gaging needs.

LARCO also supplies tank breathing equipments and floating suction units.

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From the beginning of a project to the complete satisfaction of its customer’s needs, LARCO always takes operational, security and environmental requirements into account.

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